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Analysis: Amphitryon, Omega, Epsilon, Omicron  
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           Amphitryon    Omega          Epsilon       Omicron
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 Arranged from recent to older.


---- Dick Olsher, The Absolute Sound



Les panneaux Analysis Omega sont une véritable découverte.
Nous connaissions Quad, Magnepan, Martin Logan et autres Soundlab, leur histoire, leurs qualités et leurs défaults.
La proposition grecque est différente et il ne faudra surtout pas confondre avec ces piliers de la haute-fidélité dipolaire.
La restitution tres fidèlè des Omega se caractérise par un réponse en fréquence étendue, une cohérence tonale permanente,
une transparence générale et des capacités dynamiques remarquables.
Cette palette des qualités marque leur difference par rapport à ces concurrentes moins universelles.
Les Omega sont le fruit dune expérience longue de vingt années dun constructeur maîtrisant parfaitement son sujet tant au niveau technologique que mécanique avec une fabrication propre et intelligente.
Malgré une taille tout de même imposante, le large choix de finitions proposées devrait faciliter lintégration dans la pièce découte. "

---William Savignac,   Haute Fidélité.pdf



"What immediately grabs the listener about the Omegas is their visual and sonic size. The Omegas paint a large picture that resembles a mural more than a portrait. However, the colors and textures are solid and grounded in reality. I have heard some electrostatic speakers paint an airy, almost surreal picture that, while initially intriguing, ultimately proves to be false. But the Omega speakers are not electrostatics and the presentation has a more authentic body and visceral feel. Yet, for all their physical size, the speakers immediately disappear when the music starts."

"There is a special magic about large drivers. They make the music seem effortless. Please do not confuse relaxed and ease of presentation with lack of dynamics because that surely is not the case. The Omegas are definitely not lacking in dynamics; it is just that the Omegas do not exhibit the frenetic emergency of some smaller drivers trying to do a big job. "

---Don Shaulis,   The Stereo Times



"In a way, I'm at a loss to do justice to the experience of listening to the Omegas. Smooth, neutral, relaxing? Surely! Speed of attack and settling, dynamic precision and accuracy of scale? Uncanny. Unmatched in overall musicality by any box speaker I have heard? afraid so....."

"The Omegas are simply the most satisfying speakers, for every musical genre, that I have ever reviewed.....and I expect to be listening to them for a long time!"

---Wayne Donnelly,   Enjoy the Music



...exquisitely fast, detailed and very lifelike bass. The midrange is to die for. It reminds me of Quads except the Omegas are more revealing and detailed - kind of like a Quad with the grilles off. The treble is beautiful - shimmering, nicely detailed without sounding hyped and easy on the ears. Imaging is top-of-the-line.

---- Srajan Ebaen, 6moons



...with growing enthusiasm I heard through my record collection. Until now I have never got in touch with a speaker which plays all kind of music-genre with such a authenticity like the OMEGA. If it is Rock or Pop, Classic - the light or the heavy one, even real German Folk-music, I did not found a critical point.

....For me, the OMEGA is a real object of desire and every cent worth.

---- Helmut Rohrwild, HiFi&Records



If I have been praising the 'Loud' capability of the speaker, then it is not at the expense of the subtiety and low-level detail. Fast brass tonguing and the bassoon's reeds starting to speak are as easily heard as the rasp of the trumpets.

---- Chris Beeching, Hi Fi News



The epsilon never gave the impression that things were getting too much. But also, the speakers had a tremendous sense of punch on sudden climaxes and transients. The speaker sounded fast, articulate, deep and detailed.

---- Chris Beeching, Hi Fi News



There are few speakers which manage to retain a sonic integrity at truly realistic levels, but the analysis epsilon does it superbly.

---- Chris Beeching, Hi Fi News



The analysis omega was nothing less than a revelation. Extremely well balanced, ....but with a somewhat more potent and more full sounding bass, and an improbable abiliity to go loud without change in sound.

---- Alvin Gold, Hi Fi News



The sheer effortless sweetness of the treble ribbon is possible the omega's best feature, simply because it always sounds open and transparent without a trace of brittleness or strain...Excellent detailing from low bass up to extreme top.

---- Paul Messenger, EAR issue two



The final criteron I'm mentioning is stereo imaging, and I must award first prize to the analysis for many of the same reasons that give it minimal coloration, plus the inherent time-coherence of the planar diaphragms...

---- Paul Messenger, EAR issue two


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