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Analysis: Amphitryon, Omega, Epsilon, Omicron  
Color Line
           Amphitryon    Omega          Epsilon       Omicron
  Orion   Electronic Devices

Innovative and classic

Analysis produces an elegant loudspeaker type:
The full range, magneto-static membrane loudspeaker.

Membrane loudspeakers are famous for their natural, lifelike sounding.

The magneto-static propulsion at a membrane loudspeaker is “le crème de la crème”.
It offers undistorted, wide dynamics.
Dynamics means: leaf into light air blow, whispers as exactly that and
an orchestra at crescendo, impresses as nothing less.

Almost all of the today membrane loudspeakers are using the
electro-static technique that is cheaper and easier to construct.

The magneto-static membrane loudspeakers not only use costly materials; they also need
very skilled handcrafters to be properly made (no mass production here).

Analysis has gone all the way up: membranes, magneto-statically energised, plus really good workmanship.
It uses unique techniques to produce one of the finest loudspeakers.

T. Hartzis

Planar Loudspeakers OMEGA

  An epilogue thought

Living the life is one thing. Enjoying its moments is an other.
The music art makes our life more valuable.
The medium that carry this wonderful art into our living space, worth some consideration.

Analysis produces a critical part of this medium: the loudspeakers.
Uses no whistles and bells to seduce the new audiophile.
It is a loudspeaker that mature audiophiles buy after they have made their own circle of buy and sell
equipment. This is the final, not the first loudspeaker.
I know of people who bought one Analysis at their beginning, changed it to something fascinating and
later, when they become ready got back and stayed to Analysis.

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