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 A 110 phono

 A 110 phono
ALPHA Solid State Series A-110

A 110 L1 Phono:  A purely inductive phono stage

The Alpha 110 Ė L1 is designed around an Inductance only phono network.

This innovative design uses only inductance for the RIAA implementation. There are no Capacitors at all at the signal path.

The RIAA is split in two complemental networks.

The RIAA is a complex curve. By splitting the network to reproduce itís sections independently, enhances the accuracy and stability and minimize the distortion.

These networks are passively connected between the gain stages.

Instead of placing the RIAA network as part of the amplifying stageís feedback loop, these RIAA networks are between the amp. stages. This is important for the stability over time because even if the active components age, the reproduction accuracy is not affected.

Fourteen switches per channel permit close loading to most cartridges demand.

Ten of them adjust the resistance load and the rest four adjust the capacitance load.

Four switches per channel, adjust the phono gain at six levels.

To suit a variety of cartridges from low MC to high MM output.

The toroidal, low emission power transformer is located inside the case.

Thus the external supply/wall-wart is absent.

Designed by Analysis Electron (The electronics branch of Analysis Audio)
The critical parts are hand picked and matched.
The coils and the PCBs are made in house and it is hand assembled.

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