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 A 110 cross

 A 110 cross

ALPHA Solid State Preamplifiers

Series A-110

A 110C Cross:
Two way electronic cross-over.

This electronic crossover is especially designed to be used for bi-amplification of a system driving Analysis loudspeakers.

Signal terminals:
• One input pair (L-R)
• Two output pairs -High (Left-Right) + Low (Left-Right)- to drive the separate amplifiers connected to your Analysis loudspeakers
    ° The first output, is internally pre-adjusted to drive the high frequency (for the tweeter) amplifiers
    ° The second output, to drive the low frequency (for the woofer) amplifiers

The electronic cross-over's output levels are able to be adjusted individually.
Thus, amplifiers of different input sensitivity may be used for the high and the low branches. (i.e. In bi-amplification it is sometimes desirable to use a tube amp for the highs and solid state for the lows).
Once the relative output levels are set, the system's volume control, masters all outputs.

[The Analysis loudspeakers used in a system with this electronic crossover should have their internal (passive) crossovers bypassed]

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